Christopher Richard Hazen



Christopher Richard Hazen


My background is in digital media and video editing.  I attended the University of New Brunswick taking 2 years of psychology and 2 years of UNB’s Film Certificate Program (2009-2011), before starting to freelance as a videographer/video editor.  I worked on several projects during this period, including an ongoing filming of Occupy Calgary and music videos for Calgary’s Sudanese artists and film makers.

Most recently I went back to school to broaden my skill set, completing a certificate in Digital Media from the NBCCD (2013-2015).  This has given me the necessary skills and experience to move into the area of digital media which has now become my passion. 

I am currently residing in Toronto and working with a Multi Media company Nine Track.  I am gaining experience in the media area as well as in the marketing and hope to move into virtual reality soon. 

I continue to design and create my artistic portfolio using my photography and layering it with color and textures to create ground breaking effects. E-mail address is:



Come visit and see this very talented artist unique works of art. Richard’s art shown at the gallery for the month of November is produced by layering photographs and other manipulations. Originally from Bathurst, NB now lives in Toronto and works in marketing, editing, photography and videography in fashion, events , and reality television.

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