John Furey



                                                           John Furey

John was an active member of the Bathurst Art Society and held the position of Vice-President for 5 years.  He is a self taught artist with some formal training in Architectural/Mechanical Drafting and has taken several workshops in painting.  His biggest influence was his late brother, Conrad Furey who was an artist in his own right, and the early impressionist painters.  John enjoys painting in Watercolor and Acrylics.

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Leanne Gagnon Foucault

  Leanne Gagnon Foucault

Leanne’s background is in makeup artistry.  After years of painting as a hobby she decided to pursue it on a full time bases.  She is self-taught and is still continuing to develop and explore her personal style.  She likes to create soft paintings in acrylic using various brushes and her fingers to capture the warmth she wants to portray. Leanne is mainly interested in painting landscapes and flora that captures her attention from her surroundings.  

Paulette Pitre-Chiasson


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Paulette Pitre-Chiasson   

Not concerning herself with details, but concentrating more on shape and colour, Paulette’s paintings evoke past travels, both locally and faraway places. Sometimes just a small portion of her panoramic view will be painted on her paper or canvas’ other times a much wider spectrum.

Paulette’s uncle, a self taught local artist and an aunt who was also a painter, encouraged her to draw when she was young. Then in high school and later at university she took art classes and continued locally with more classes and workshops throughout the years. In the summer of 2008 Paulette attended a one week workshop in Rockland, Maine with renowned artist, Donna Zagotta.

Paulette continues to explore watercolour and acrylics with the hopes of one day spending more time doing what she enjoys the most – that is showing part of her creativity through her art work.

Paulette exhibits in Bathurst at the Bay Breeze Art Gallery, in the Promenade Waterfront; the Auberge de la Vallee and also exhibited at the Smurfit Stone Library in 2008.

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Rosita Sprohge


  Rosita Sprohge

Rosita comes by her interest in art naturally.  Her father was a skilled landscape artist in Germany.  So she learned to appreciate art early in life.  She was particularly drawn to the impressionists and watercolor.  She never pursued art herself, instead she devoted her talents to the study of languages and to raising a family.  In 2010 Rosita took a beginners watercolor course offered by Adrienne Hazen and than realized a secret ambition to learn how to paint. Since than she has taken several courses with Adrienne and has also attended a plein-air watercolor workshop with the well known Nova Scotia artist Roger Savage at Port Mouton, NS in 2012.  

Rosita and her husband moved to Bathurst, NB in 1975 from Montreal.  She is originally from Germany and worked as an interpreter until her retirement.  She gets her inspirations from the beautiful land and seascapes in the Maritimes and from her travels.  She in an avid photographer and also keeps an artist journal on her travels.


Gisele Godin

Gisèle Godin

Nèe en 1958 à Trudel au N.B., petit village de L’Acadie. Elle se passionne pour le dessin et la peinture depuis son jeune âge.  Elle se dit autodidacte et accréditée de cours de peinture avec plusieurs peintres Canadiens.

Pour ce qui est du dessin elle préconise la méthode(dessiner avec le côté droit du cerveau) de Roger W. Sperry. L’Acrylique est le médium qu’elle préfère.

Elle oeuvre présentement dans la région de Bathurst, N.B.


Gisèle Godin was born in 1958 in a little Acadian village called Trudel NB.  Her passion of drawing and painting started at a young age.  She studied the technique of (Drawing with the right side of your brain) by; Roger W. Sperry.  Her favorite medium is Acrylic. She now lives in Bathurst.

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Christopher Richard Hazen



Christopher Richard Hazen


My background is in digital media and video editing.  I attended the University of New Brunswick taking 2 years of psychology and 2 years of UNB’s Film Certificate Program (2009-2011), before starting to freelance as a videographer/video editor.  I worked on several projects during this period, including an ongoing filming of Occupy Calgary and music videos for Calgary’s Sudanese artists and film makers.

Most recently I went back to school to broaden my skill set, completing a certificate in Digital Media from the NBCCD (2013-2015).  This has given me the necessary skills and experience to move into the area of digital media which has now become my passion. 

I am currently residing in Toronto and working with a Multi Media company Nine Track.  I am gaining experience in the media area as well as in the marketing and hope to move into virtual reality soon. 

I continue to design and create my artistic portfolio using my photography and layering it with color and textures to create ground breaking effects. E-mail address is:



Come visit and see this very talented artist unique works of art. Richard’s art shown at the gallery for the month of November is produced by layering photographs and other manipulations. Originally from Bathurst, NB now lives in Toronto and works in marketing, editing, photography and videography in fashion, events , and reality television.

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