Full-time Art Educator and Visual Artist–Originally from Ontario I graduated with honors from the Visual Arts program at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating I began my teaching career by day and artistic career as a portrait artist by night. I soon found the demands for drawings overwhelming, the whole process became too restrictive and boring – my imagination was wasting away. It was about this time that I moved from the big city in Ontario to a small town in Northern New Brunswick – I left behind my pencils and desire to draw.

My urge to create returned after my children were born, with my pencils tucked away I picked up a paintbrush and discovered a whole new world! My most recent work shows everyday scenes emphasized or exaggerated by colours and simplified shapes.

The inspiration for many of my paintings comes from the landscape I see around me. I live in northern New Brunswick with the Atlantic Ocean in front of me, and the forest behind me. The landscape is unspoiled by industry, it is rugged yet beautiful. The coastline is dotted with beaches, family farms and fishing towns; in the woods small logging villages appear along the highway.

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