Sherley KennySherley

Sherley is a full time artist living in Bathurst NB.  She studied art during her high school years in Ontario and was accepted in 1976 to the Tec School of Art in Toronto.  While there she studied and explored different medias of art.    She likes to sketch in charcoal, ink, and lead pencils and paints using acrylic and watercolour mediums.
Sherley paints in a painterly way that is sometimes impressionistic.

Her subjects usually come from still life, plein air and  photographs which she has taken herself. She is drawn to beauty in unexpected places which reflect in her work of art.
Sherley has also exhibited and sold her works in various venues and galleries and has been commissioned to do paintings and sketches.

” I love the feel and movement of paint and the subject has to move me in order to paint it.  The brushstrokes simply tell a story.”

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