Gittan Klemetsrud is an award winning photographer but her passion does not end there, she is also a writer, painter, educator and last but not least a felt maker & fiber artist. She always thrives to push herself to new creations no matter what medium it is.

Klemetsrud was born in Ludvika, Sweden. During her late twenties and early thirties, several of her family members passed away from cancer. Feeling this unfortunate loss, she began to rediscover herself and developed an intimate relationship with nature which nurtured her and taught her lessons about our communal co-existence with the natural world. Even though there was a physical separation with her family members early in life, she feels a spiritual connection when she spends quiet times in places of mystery. Her insightful understanding of our unified connections with nature has blessed her with a life mission to share with us all.

Klemetsrud’s work has been collected by various Canadian galleries, Permanent installations in several hospitals,  BC Ferries,  Art Freelance and other various US and European collections.

Fiber art of wool;

When I placed my hands for the first time in a pile of carded wool, something triggered a memory from my early childhood, a memory that my mind had forgotten but not my sensory nerves.  My hands remembered the softness of this organic natural raw material. But when I added warm water and natural soap this material had never felt so right in my hands. My hands knew exactly how to transform these thin light and soft fibers into creative 3D dimensional shapes and forms. Of course it requires some practice and control of the process, but the feeling that overcame me was that the knowledge was already there. With the inspirations from nature and my soul, these creations grow to soft sculptures and creations in a biomorphic shape language. They all have their universal form with a personal artistic twist.

Namaste  / Gittan Klemetsrud

Some of my felt pieces