Located in the heart of La Promenade Waterfront, we are the jewel of the newly created tourist destination. Our gallery is owned and operated by the Bathurst Art Society (1991) maintaining a gallery presence in our community since 1996. We now have over 50 members most of whom are local artists with work of all styles, and mediums on display at the gallery. Our art work is constantly changing in order to keep your visits fresh and stimulating.

In 2008, an addition was added to our gallery that doubled our space including a new entrance to the center of the Village. This allowed us to open a teaching/meeting room at the rear of the building to facilitate teaching art to our community.  The mandate of the Bathurst Art Society is, “To unite artists of the community for purposes of friendship, networking, cultural development, and promotion of the arts.”

Visual arts are a vital part of our culture, a reflection of our society and the diversity of its people. Art is the documentation of a civilization over a period of time. It is crucial to retain this achievement for future generations.

Please come in to experience the developing role of art in our community which is an expression of the love the artists have for our Chaleur Bay region.

Gittan Klemetsrud

Gittan Klemetsrud is an award winning photographer but her passion does not end there, she is also a writer, painter, educator and last but not least a felt maker & fiber artist. She always thrives to push herself to new creations no matter what medium...

Paint Your Pet Portrait

Lots of fun! Pet masterpieces produced by artist and non-artist who signed up for the morning workshop.  Sherley Kenny(artist) was their instructor for the morning.  They were served coffee and muffins.  Here are some photos taken by Rita May Gates. [gallery...