Located in the heart of La Promenade Waterfront, we are the jewel of the newly created tourist destination. Our gallery is owned and operated by the Bathurst Art Society (1991) maintaining a gallery presence in our community since 1996. We now have over 50 members most of whom are local artists with work of all styles, and mediums on display at the gallery. Our art work is constantly changing in order to keep your visits fresh and stimulating.

In 2008, an addition was added to our gallery that doubled our space including a new entrance to the center of the Village. This allowed us to open a teaching/meeting room at the rear of the building to facilitate teaching art to our community.  The mandate of the Bathurst Art Society is, “To unite artists of the community for purposes of friendship, networking, cultural development, and promotion of the arts.”

Visual arts are a vital part of our culture, a reflection of our society and the diversity of its people. Art is the documentation of a civilization over a period of time. It is crucial to retain this achievement for future generations.

Please come in to experience the developing role of art in our community which is an expression of the love the artists have for our Chaleur Bay region.

2018 Painted City Benches

In June of 2018 , twelve local artists set out to paint Bathurst City Benches.  Sponsors from local business and people who wanted to dedicate a bench in memory of their loved ones helped fund the artists and Bay Breeze Art Gallery.  This is the second year that we have undertaken this project with much success.  The benches were much enjoyed by the public and has helped to add creative and beautiful functional works of art in the downtown area.

Jeannine Duguay (Nin)


 Jeannine is a self-taught artist, she has created woodcarvings, woodburnings, pencil and ink drawings, book illustrations, stage backdrops and props, decorative art work, and faux finishes on various surfaces, paintings in oil, acrylic, pastel (oil & dry), and silk paintings. She has a passion for painting on oyster shells, letting the shell tell the story.For the past several years, Jeannine has volunteered to help create scenes for backdrops in many musical productions in her community.  A painting completed by “Nin” was featured on the 2004 pamphlet cover issued by the Museum Network Chaleur-Peninsula.  La porte ouverte au drapeau acadien qui invite a découvrir une expérience culturelle aux musées du Nord-est Nouveau-Brunswick.

Jeannine, une artiste autodidacte qui favorise surtout l’acrylique et la peinture a l’huile.

Dans sa jeunesse elle aimait faire des dessins et de crée des choses avec ces mains.  En plus des toiles, elle peint sur coquillages.  Elle doit alors reproduire l’infiniment petit.  Des personnages, de minuscules maisons, la mer et la végétation s’y retrouvent tout autant détaillés.