Not concerning herself with details, but concentrating more on shape and colour, Paulette’s paintings evoke past travels, both locally and faraway places. Sometimes just a small portion of her panoramic view will be painted on her paper or canvas’ other times a much wider spectrum.

Paulette’s uncle, a self taught local artist and an aunt who was also a painter, encouraged her to draw when she was young. Then in high school and later at university she took art classes and continued locally with more classes and workshops throughout the years. In the summer of 2008 Paulette attended a one week workshop in Rockland, Maine with renowned artist, Donna Zagotta.
Paulette continues to explore watercolour and acrylics with the hopes of one day spending more time doing what she enjoys the most – that is showing part of her creativity through her art work.
Paulette exhibits in Bathurst at the Bay Breeze Art Gallery, in the Promenade Waterfront; the Auberge de la Vallee and also exhibited at the Smurfit Stone Library in 2008.
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