Rosita comes by her interest in art naturally.  Her father was a skilled landscape artist in Germany.  So she learned to appreciate art early in life.  She was particularly drawn to the impressionists and watercolor.  She never pursued art herself, instead she devoted her talents to the study of languages and to raising a family.  In 2010 Rosita took a beginners watercolor course offered by Adrienne Hazen and than realized a secret ambition to learn how to paint. Since than she has taken several courses with Adrienne and has also attended a plein-air watercolor workshop with the well known Nova Scotia artist Roger Savage at Port Mouton, NS in 2012.  

Rosita and her husband moved to Bathurst, NB in 1975 from Montreal.  She is originally from Germany and worked as an interpreter until her retirement.  She gets her inspirations from the beautiful land and seascapes in the Maritimes and from her travels.  She in an avid photographer and also keeps an artist journal on her travels.