Hello my name is Rita May Gates and I am a visual artist.  I began my artistic career in 2000 and have taken many courses over the years.  I continue to develop my artistic skills, especially in my preferred mediums–acrylic, watercolour and oil.  I am inspired by my surroundings and my favourite subjects are flowers(from my garden), landscapes(Pabineau Falls is a favourite) and portraits.  I have done several commissions, which also included portraits.

I am passionate about the arts and have been President of the Bathurst Art Society since January 2006 and a founding member of our 2006 partnership with the Miramichi Art Core under the name “Art Tells Stories”  I juried in the Symposium BDC in 2015 and the 2017-18 Canada 150 Art Acquisitions Program for NB Schools, in which all five of my paintings were submitted, accepted and sold.  I belong to a five team mural group–our largest mural is on a 20 feet wall at the Southern Comfort Care Home.  Also as a member of the Bathurst Art Society and in partnership with the City of Bathurst I have painted two city benches one in 2017 and one 2018.

I am an avid reader and one of my favourite authors is David Baldacci.  My favourite pastime in the Summer is working in my garden.  I enjoy being with my friends and going to out for dinner and a movie with my DINCIN group.  I enjoy most foods but do not like pumpkin pie.  My husband, Ron, was hospitalized in February 2019 and moved to a Care Home on December 12, 2019 where I can be with him 5-8 hours a day.(Unfortunately not during COVID-19).

I adopted two rescue kittens, Rosie and Abby which keep me in good company.

Rita May Gates